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Bedtime Aromatherapy


A field guide to Sleepery Supply's selection of nighttime essential oils.

Why Essential Oils?

Scented oils are one of the world's oldest design mediums. It's impossible to know when humanity's fascination with scents began, but there is some evidence to support the idea that people have used scented oils since the beginning of civilization. 

Way back when, ancient people had to rely on the natural world for almost all of their needs. Animals, plants, and elements had profound effects on their daily lives. Their perspectives were almost certainly of a more earthy nature than many modern people might be able to relate to.

It's believed that ancient peoples had generations of experience before they began recording natural remedies in things like the Ebers Papyrus, which dates to about 1550 BCE. And from 1200BCE, a cuneiform tablet immortalizes Tapputi, a court overseer, and perfumer. The importance of perfumery is obvious in Tapputi's case, as she is also considered to be the first chemist. 

Sleepery Supply is drawn to the rich design heritage of essential oils as strongly as we are to their incredible aromas. The selection of essential oils we work with are specifically relevant for sleep time. Each oil is unique and worth taking a minute to write about. We hope this guide to the scents in our selection you helps identify your ideal sleep time smells.


Scent Profile : Fresh, green, and tangy - bergamot is a top note that hits the nose and teases the palate before resolving into a sophisticated citrus aroma.  

Skin Benefits : Bergamot essential oil is considered useful for oily skin that is susceptible to acne. 

Mood Benefits : Bergamot's bright scent may help relieve stress and feelings of anxiety. 

History : Bergamot gets its name from the Italian town Bergamot in Lombardy where it has long been used in traditional folk remedies. 

Sleepery Supply's bergamot essential oil was cold-pressed from rinds of barely ripe organic Italian bergamot fruit.

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Cedarwood, Atlas  

Scent Profile : Sweet, woody and rich - atlas cedarwood is a tenacious bottom note with a slightly balsamic finish. 

Skin Benefits : Atlas cedarwood has lots of great characteristics, but skin will be especially thankful for its astringent, antiseptic, and fungicidal properties. These properties may help tighten and tone the skin.

Mood Benefits : Atlas Cedarwood is a favorite of many aromatherapists for sleep time. It may help relieve tension and anxiety. 

History : Throughout many ancient civilizations, cedarwood was considered a purifying oil. It was a common oil used for cleansing the body, spirit, or physical space (when burned, it's great for keeping mosquitos and other pests away).

Sleepery Supply's organic atlas cedarwood essential oil comes trees cultivated in Morocco.

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Clary Sage

Scent Profile : Herbaceous and tea-like, clary sage is sweet and a little bitter with tobacco-like notes that become pronounced over time. 

Skin Benefits : Clary sage is thought to have antiseptic, astringent, and bactericidal properties. It may help maintain a healthy skin tone and texture.

Mood Benefits : Clary sage's soothing scent seems to lift people's spirits and their libido. It may also be a helpful scent for people who are struggling with fear and could use a boost of self-confidence before they go to sleep. 

History : Clary Sage was a popular herb with the ancient Greeks. Theophrastus, the successor to Aristotle, was an early proponent of the plants usefulness. Later, in Europe, clary sage was used to improve dream recall. 

Sleepery Supply's organic clary sage essential oil comes from plants cultivated Bulgaria.

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Scent Profile : freshresinous, and warm with notes of pepper, spice and orange-citrus. Frankincense is a base note that comes from the sap of very old trees. 

Skin Benefits : Frankincense has natural antiseptic, astringent, cicatrisant, and disinfectant properties. It imay be helpful for reducing the appearance of blemishes and scars. It also may help tighten and tone skin to reduce the appearance of aging. 

Mood Benefits : Frankincense has an uplifting aroma that may helpf inspire feelings of mental peaces and relaxation. Frankincense may be helpful when anticipation of a stressful event is keeping you up at night. 

History : Frankincense was pretty popular in antiquity. It was an important trade item along the Incense Trade Route that connected ancient cultures around the Mediteranean with luxury rich neighbors in Northern Africa, Arabia, and India. 

Sleepery Supply uses organic frankincense from wild trees in Somalia as well as frankincense from wild trees in Oman.

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Scent Profile : Fresh and floral, geranium has a bold rose-like aroma with leafy green notes. 

Skin Benefits : Geranium may be helpful for brightening dull skin and relieving the appearance of acne. 

Mood Benefits : Geranium is a traditional remedy for relieving stress. It may help people overcome feelings of anxiety. 

History : Geranium pelargonium comes from an evergreen perenial that is native to the southern regions of Africa. It was first exported to Europe in the 17th century CE, where it became widely popluar as a garden plant.

Sleepery Supply uses certified kosher, organic Geranium from Egypt.

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Scent Profile : Intensely sweet and floral, jasmine essential oil is a middle/base note and has a tenacious scent with a somewhat subtle muskiness. 

Skin Benefits : Jasmine has cicatrizant properties that may be helpful for reducing the appearance of stretch marks and scars. There are traditions of using jasmine to restore elasticity to dry, aged skin.

Mood Benefits : Jasmine's intoxicating aroma seems to comfort and inspire people. It may be helpful for people who are feeling mentally or emotionally blocked. 

History : There are over 200 species of Jasmine, with native species on every continent except Antartica and North America. It is sometimes referred to the "King of Oils".

Sleepery Supply Jasmine from flowers cultivated in Egypt and India.

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Scent Profile : Deep, sweetly herbaceous and slightly floral, lavender has a pleasant aroma that can sometimes have slightly fruity, green or camphorous notes. 

Skin Benefits : Lavender may have a calming effect on the skin. It may be helpful for reducing the appearance of acne, scars, and stretch marks. 

Mood Benefits : Lavender's aroma is thought to have a relaxing effect. It may help declutter restless minds before sleep time. 

History : In the tomb of the Egyptian Pharoh Tutankhamen, discovered in 1923, there were jars that smelled of lavender, that had been sealed around 1300 BCE. 

Sleepery Supply's lavender comes from organic flowers cultivated in France.

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Scent Profile : Warm, slightly spicy and herbaceous - marjoram is a middle note with an assertive aroma. Sometimes described as medicinal, this sweetly camphorous scent is sometimes thought to be an acquired taste.

Skin Benefits : Marjoram has lots of anti-bad-stuff properties that may help maintain clear skin. 

Mood Benefits : Marjoram inspires a sense of happiness and calm relaxation. It may be particularly useful for people who have undergone a setback or a shock. 

History : Marjoram has had a common place for people since at least as early as ancient Greece. It's clean scent, brightening scent helped it maintain popularity. Today, you may recognize marjoram as that specific spicy floral smell of cleaning products. 

Sleepery Supply's marjoram comes from leaves and plant tops cultivated in Egypt.

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Scent Profile : Fresh, sweet, and floral, palmarosa has a particular deep green scent that alludes to its non-flowering origins - even though it might smell like geranium oil, palmarosa comes from the leaves of a grass-like shrub. 

Skin Benefits : Palmarosa has properties that may help balance water levels in the skin, prevent signs of aging, and prevent skin from cracking. Its bactericidal properties may be especially helpful for areas that are prone to sweating. 

Mood Benefits : Palmarosa may help lift the spirits and help put aside feelings of anger, anxiety, and nervousness. 

History : Palmarosa has a history of use in Ayurvedic practice. It was first distilled in the 18th century as a substitute for rose oil. 

Sleepery Supply's organic palmarosa comes from leaves cultivated in Sri Lanka.

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Scent Profile : Deep, rich and earthy, patchouli is a base note with sticking power. It has a particularly wood-like smell that is sweet and has subtle balsamic notes.

Skin Benefits : Patchouli has many properties that make it helpful for the skin. It may help tighten and tone the skin in addition to being helpful with deodorizing and inhibiting fungal growth.

Mood Benefits : Patchouli is great for relaxation and may help calm restless muscles. Patchouli also has aphrodisiac properties that may induce a romantical mindset.

History : Patchouli has been medicinally used in China, Japan, and Malaysia for many centuried. It first appeared in Europe as textile packaging around the 19th century - dried patchouli leaves would be rolled into fabric bundles for shipping in order to deter moths from laying eggs and destroying costly shipments. 

Sleepery Supply's organic patchouli comes from leaves cultivated in Sri Lanka. 

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Scent Profile : Very deep, soft, and sweet-smelling; sandalwood is a full-bodied base note noted for its rich, woody aroma. 

Skin Benefits : Sandalwood is useful for sensitive, dry and oily skin types. It's natural astringent, cicatrizant, disinfectant, and emollient properties are great for skin. Sandalwood may soote troubled skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Mood Benefits : Sandalwood has a seriously soothing scent that seems to help suppress feelings of fear, stress, and restlessness. It may also help inspire calmness and positivity. 

History : Sandalwood is one of the most important of the ancient aromatic materials. It has been used to build temples, burned to carry prayers, carved to make talismans. It was also a valuable commodity in the ancient world and was traded from Asia to Africa. 

Sleepery Supply's sandalwood comes from heartwood cultivated in Australia. 

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Vanilla Absolute

Scent Profile : Smooth, deep, and bitter-sweet; vanilla has a rich aroma that warms up and rounds any blend.   

Skin Benefits : Vanilla has antioxidant properties that may help maintain a youthful complexion.

Mood Benefits : Vanilla's sweet scent is generally considered to be a satisfying aroma that can lull a person to sleep. It may help improve your mood and, due to its properties as an aphrodisiac, your libido. 

History : The Aztecs so valued vanilla that it was often demanded as tribute from conquored tribes. Cortes brough vanilla back to Spain in 1520 and it quickly became a sensation.

Sleepery Supply's organic vanilla comes from bean cultivated in Madagascar and Comoros.

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Scent Profile : Deep, sweet and earthy; vetiver is a balanced base note with a sweet and smokey finish.

Skin Benefits : Vetiver may help reduce the appearance of scars, blemishes, and age spots. It is also not an appetizing scent for pests and may help keep mosquitos away.

Mood Benefits : Vetiver's rich aroma seems to unlock a deep sense of peace and calm. Vetiver's sedative and nervine properties may be helpful for people who are facing or have had a recent challenge or major stressor.

History : Vetiver has many traditional purposes including skin care. A common usage in the past and present was to weave mats from rootlets - when dampened, they would release sweet earthy smells in the heat. 

Sleepery Supply's organic vetiver comes from roots cultivated in Sri Lanka and El Salvador.

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Ylang Ylang

Scent Profile : Sweet, floral, and mildly spicy; ylang ylang can have notes that are either lightly ethereal and watery or balsamic and earthy depending when it was collected in the distillation process. Yang Ylang Extra (the version we're cooking with) is collected in the first hour of the distillation process and has a richly-floral and exotic scent. 

Skin Benefits : Ylang Ylang has antiseptic properties that may help maintain skin clarity.

Mood Benefits : Ylang Ylang has aphrodisiac, sedative and nervine properties that are helpful for bedtime. The scent of Ylang Ylang may help people that feel shaken-up and tense to relax and unwind.

Sleepery Supply's organic ylang ylang extra comes from flowers cultivated in Madagascar.

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