Creators are awesome. 

We are super inspired by people who are out there creating stuff to please and challenge others. It's a cryin' shame that these independent creatives face all sorts of odds in order to produce quality work. We should know. The founders of Sleepery Supply worked as independents for many years.

Individual producers of creative work are often one-person-shows. Many of these people lack the financial resources to easily support their practice. Equipment, supplies, software, production, marketing and sales - it all costs money. 

Sleepery Supply wants to assist independent creators by offering a new way to support their work and their dreams. We admire how hard these people have worked - putting years into manifesting their dreams and cultivating audiences that care. We are excited to help our collaborators integrate that energy they have created into sharable nighttime experiences. 

Why collaborate?

It's hard to find anything with any soul these days. We understand why - balancing product cost and quality with marketing budgets and all dilutes how much can be spent on developing new ideas. 

We want to do it different. We're shy over here, but we dig characters who work hard to make an impact. Instead of hiring them to do marketing - we thought it would be more interesting to try a different approach. 

Sleepery Supply begins with a mutual investment. Collaborators bring their nose, dreamy ideas about sleep time, and two pieces of creative work. Together, we craft unique bedtime experiences that extend their personal brand stories and provide their audiences with new and exciting ways to get to know who they are and what they are all about. We invest our development and production time into making the dream real.

Collaborators receive the majority share of profits from sales of their collections.