About Honey Ma

Florida-born, Brooklyn-based Honey Ma does it all. She is an illustrator, costumer and comedian. Wickedly sharp and terribly talented, this creative genius tackles art and life with a fierceness that we admire.

Check out the sweet scent she mixed up for us. A little bit floral, a little bit candy - Night Nectar includes dreamy sandalwood, ylang ylang, jasmine, and vetiver.

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Honey Ma on Sleep, Dreams, Art & her Night serum



Sleepery Supply : NIGHT NECTAR has a great scent – we really love the rich sweetness of this blend. 

Honey Ma : I wanted to make a scent that I found relaxing! I've always been relaxed by sweet scents, I dunno what it is. I even like smelling bags of candy or smelling flowers for entirely too long. Something about it just relaxes my whole body.

Sleepery Supply : If NIGHT NECTAR somehow gave you the ability to effect people’s dreams – what would you want the effect to be?

Honey Ma : I would just want everybody to be super chill. I want everyone to think of sleep time as their most chill time. I think sleep is supposed to be an escape from everything going on with you, you should be able to go to sleep and achieve maximum relaxation for that time. At least that's what I think.

Sleepery Supply : What kind of feelings are you hoping to inspire with NIGHT NECTAR?

Honey Ma : I want everybody to smell it and be like, "Damn, I'm so chill right now." A lot of scents can be a little harsh or trying to hard to smell "sexy." Every time I see a scent commercial, it's trying to sell me something sexy. Like, man, I don't wanna smell sexy, I wanna smell like I'm just chill and cool. Not everything has to be sexy or spicy.

Sleepery Supply : What inspired the label art for NIGHT NECTAR?

Honey Ma : The label art has a color palette that I find to remind me of candy and sweetness. All of my color palettes are inspired by candy and sweet things because those are the colors that make me feel the most content. Any other colors seem a little harsh and off putting to me. I also find death to be relaxing, which is where the sword comes in. I think death is something that you have to accept, and I think dying is like falling asleep. Ultimate relaxation.




Sleepery Supply : You do all sorts of art…can you tell us about your practice? I know you write and draw, but you also lead important conversations online. What else do you get up to? And how do they tie together?

Honey Ma : I do stand up comedy from time to time, that's my passion. It's what I've always wanted to do but I've only just now been able to really get my start. I always used to watch stand up comedy and think it wasn't something I could do, like it was just for a certain type of person, but like, maybe I am that type of person ya know? None of it ties into my art. Most people who like my art don't know I do comedy and vice versa. I'd like to keep them disconnected. They have nothing to do with each other and don't support each other in any real way.

Sleepery Supply : When did you begin drawing? Writing? Creating?

Honey Ma : I began drawing before I knew how to read. I drew on everything. I always wanted to draw something, no matter what. It got me into a lot of trouble because for a while it was all I cared about. I was so shitty at school, I got my sketchbook and paper taken away so often. They always called my mom cause I kept drawing in class. I didn't care though, I just wanted to get better at drawing. I started writing around the same time. My mom said I would always try reading her a story, but I would just look at the pictures and make up my own story. I've always loved telling stories just as much as I loved telling jokes. I always wanted someone to listen to me so I could tell them a story or make them laugh. I guess I've always been a comedian and a writer, even though at first I wasn't physically writing anything. 


Sleepery Supply : Can you share anything about your process?

Honey Ma : My process for everything is all different. When it comes to writing, I have to start by getting an idea. I get ideas by listening to music. Music is what helps the characters show themselves to me, then it's like they want me to tell their story. I have to tell it in the right way and do them justice. I know they're not real people, but they're real to me. I have kept a lot of the same ideas since middle school, just tweaking them constantly to make them better. 

When it comes to art, I don't really know how I get the ideas. I guess I get inspired by photos? I don't know. I just know the process of drawing is extremely annoying. I don't even like it. I just like to see the final product, finishing it is the best part.

Sleepery Supply : Is your process exploratory? Or do you sit down knowing where you want to go?

Honey Ma : I usually know what I'm gonna do up to a certain point. When I start drawing clothes or tattoos or accessories is when I gotta really get to thinking of what I can do. 

Sleepery Supply : What are some of your creative influences?

Honey Ma : Deandra Forrest is someone that I look at a lot for facial inspiration if I can't think of any features. As for artistic influences, I don't have any artists I'm super into whose style I consider influential to mine. It's hard to find anyone who does things I really appreciate, mostly because I don't really search enough.

Sleepery Supply :  Anything else you want to say about what inspires you?

Honey Ma : Anger does. I am very motivated by my own anger. It makes me want to do better. I get so angry about so many things, but mainly when people tell me I can't. When people tell me I can't do something, I get angry, and that fuels me to do even better. 

Honey Ma on Sleep

Sleepery Supply : Do you have any special bedtime traditions?

Honey Ma : I need a lot of stuffed animals surrounding my head. I need everything to be as soft as possible so that I can go to sleep on a cloud.

Sleepery Supply : If you could fall asleep anywhere and be safe no matter where it is, where would it be?

Honey Ma : I just want something big, soft, pink, and covered in stuffed animals really. Floating around on a lake or something on a big bed would be cool, but only if I didn't have to touch the water or get wet.

Honey Ma


Sleepery Supply : Do you dream?

Honey Ma : I do dream. I have very vivid dreams. I remember the majority of my dreams very well! It's pretty awesome. I remember most of the events.

Sleepery Supply : Do you enjoy your dreams?

Honey Ma : I do sometimes. My nightmares can be extremely vivid and I often have a physical reaction to them in my sleep that I can feel, like vibrating or squeezing my body. I lucid dream a lot, but when I'm having a nightmare, it's easy for me to lose my lucidity and get lost in the dream.

Sleepery Supply : Do you dream more or less when you’re stressed? Are those good or bad dreams?

Honey Ma : I think my stress just makes my dreams a bit weirder and physically painful to me. Stress makes dreaming very hard for me.

Sleepery Supply : Do you find yourself being more creative in those periods when you are dreaming more?

Honey Ma : I don't think my dreams effect my art as much as my daydreams do.


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