With the help of Savages Group, Sleepery Supply was launched in 2016. We believe in supporting positive sleep habits by enhancing the bedtime experience. In order to do that, we focus on providing unique products, produced free of exploitation. Here are a couple of the ways we're doing our part to provide top-quality products while also strengthening our community :

  • Our all natural ingredients are sourced from ethical vendors with certification documents.
  • We craft-make our products in small batches by hand and looking to become a source of employment.
  • We're collaborating with other independent creators to curate unique scent-experiences and label art.
  • The collaborators we work with receive the majority share of sales profit from their collection. 
  • Sleepery Supply is all about sharing so we partner with Savages Group to produce creative tools, experiences, and digital fun.

We believe the strongest aspirational purchase choice is one that supports positive social practices. Due to micro-manufacturing processes and our collaboration process, we are able to provide price conscious products without compromising quality or ethical standards. 


Sleeping - it ain't easy. 

I'm a product designer and developer. I love to sleep. I love to dream. But for years, I prioritize either activity into a busy design schedule. 

When science connected sleep to memory? Forghedaboudit - so excellent. Why? Because memory has an interesting relationship with my favorite sense - smell. Memories and experience inspire a lot of creativity - including the idea for Sleepery Supply.

I decided to design the products with 14 essential oils known for having inspiring scents, sedative properties and cosmetic purposes (no claims! just cautions). When these blends are added to craft-made body products they create a quick and rewarding experience to help you relax and look your best. I call it the lovechild of minimalism and holistic hedonism.

Sleep well. Love all.